The latest issue of The Squibber, the chapter’s quarterly newsletter, has landed in members’ email boxes. Articles included are:

1.      ANNUAL CHAPTER MEETING ON JAN. 31:  ‘Hondo’ on Tap, by Mark Pattison
2.      TALKIN’ BASEBALL: Upcoming Talks Scheduled, by Dave Paulson
3.      REFLECTIONS ON A SEASON JUST PAST:  No Series, But a Great Ride Anyway, by Bill Lewers
4.      ‘BASEBALL AS IT WAS’:  New Chapter Member Launches Baseball History Podcast, by Brian Wright
5.      THE ‘FOLLY FLOATER’: Before Yankee Antics, Hamilton Was a Nat, by Jeff Stuart
6.      LOOKING FOR OLD MAGAZINES?: Skip McAfee Might Be Able to Help
7.      BOBBY BURKE PITCHED THE LAST WASHINGTON NO-NO:  Zimmermann Gem Recalled 1931 Masterpiece, by Gary Sarnoff
8.      A LONG, RICH HISTORY”:  Professional Baseball in Baltimore, by Jimmy Keenan

Submissions for future editions can be sent to Squibber editor Walt Cherniak at Keep sending us those squibs, and those ideas for squibs!

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