Chapter members, check your email for the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, The Squibber. Articles in this edition include:

  1. All-Star Memories:  The Rain, the Park and the 1969 All-Star Game, By Jeff Stuart
  2. Golf Tourney Planned : Event Will Benefit Perfect Game Foundation, by Del Wilber
  3. Talkin’ Baseball:  Upcoming Talks Scheduled, by Dave Paulson
  4. Special Movie Screening:  Aviation Theatre Recognizes Penny Marshall and “A League of Their Own,” by Mark Pattison
  5. Summer Minor League Meeting:  Chapter to Convene in Hagerstown
  6. Atlantic League Update:  League Seeks New President, by Barry Sparks
  7. Nats-Braves Tickets Offered:  SABR Block Available, by Dave Raglin
  8. Report From Bethesda:  Big Train Leads the Pack, by Bill Hickman
  9. The Essentials of Batting:  New Book Examines What Makes Hitters Successsful, by Andre Lower

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