Section 1 – Name

This organization shall be called the Bob Davids Chapter (the “Chapter”) of the Society for American Baseball Research (“SABR”).

Section 2 – Goals 

The Chapter shall facilitate the enjoyment of baseball and baseball research by holding events for its members and guests, and it will promote the initiatives of SABR at a local level.

Section 3 – Membership

Membership in the chapter shall be open to any SABR member and shall be independent of where a SABR member lives.

Section 4 – Bylaws

These bylaws are intended to supplement and be deemed subordinate to the constitution and bylaws of the Society for American Baseball Research. Wherever any conflict shall arise between any provisions herein and such constitution and bylaws of SABR, the latter shall prevail. The Bob Davids Chapter will follow all provisions of SABR, including those in SABR’s Chapter Governance and Standards Handbook, and in SABR’s Events Code of Conduct (see

Section 5 – Chapter Leadership

The Chapter’s elected officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who along with three at-large Directors shall collectively comprise the Chapter Board of Directors (the “Board”). The Board shall establish the dates and locations of the Chapter’s meetings and other events and activities. The Board shall conduct the business of the Chapter between Chapter meetings. 

Section 6 – Board Meetings

The Board of Directors shall hold at least four regular Board meetings, open to the membership, during the year. Board meetings may be held in person or online. A quorum at any Board meeting shall consist of a minimum of four Board members. The Board may choose to go into Executive Session, without membership attendance, at any Board meeting. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or by a majority of the sitting Board members.

Section 7 – Chapter Meetings

The Chapter shall have at least one meeting annually. The President will conduct business at Chapter meetings. Chapter members may bring up new business during the business portion of the Chapter meeting.


Section 1 – Board Duties

The Board of Directors consists of all officers and directors elected by the chapter membership (see Article I, Section 5). The Board will meet on a regular basis to manage the actions of the chapter, including developing and implementing events, setting chapter policy and promulgating SABR standards and guidelines, holding elections, as well as other actions which are in the interests of SABR, the Chapter, and its members. The Board will work with SABR, including complying with SABR requirements and responding to requests.

Section 2 – Election of Board Members 

At the Chapter’s annual election, the membership shall elect to the Board three members in odd-numbered years and four members in even-numbered years. The seven offices are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three at-large Directors. Elected in even-numbered years are the President, Secretary, and two at-large Directors; elected in odd-numbered years are the Vice President, Treasurer, and one at-large Director.  Elections will be conducted by online voting of the Chapter membership.

Section 3 – Board Membership

Membership in SABR is required to serve on the Board, and a candidate for the Board must have designated the Bob Davids Chapter as their primary SABR chapter. A Board member may not be a board member of any other SABR chapter.

Section 4 – Vacancy in Positions

If a vacancy in the presidency occurs, the Vice President shall assume the presidency through the end of the President’s term. If a vacancy occurs in any other position on the Board of Directors, the vacancy may be filled  for the remainder of the term by a majority vote of the Board or via a special election. 


Section 1 – President

The President presides over the business meeting and chairs the Board of Directors. The President, in consultation with the Board, sets the times and dates for Board meetings, solicits reports and agenda items from officers and committee chairs in advance, and makes available the final agenda to Board members at least three days in advance of Board meetings. The President is responsible for the functions regarding chapter management on the SABR website and, after the election of new directors and officers, shall make sure that the new roles are listed for the incoming officers and directors by contacting the SABR webmaster and indicating any changes that need to be made.

Section 2 – Vice President

The Vice President assumes the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President is responsible for appointing chairs to any standing committees.

Section 3 – Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall include:

  • Taking the minutes of Board of Directors meetings and of the business portion of Chapter meetings;
  • Providing copies of minutes to the Board members promptly (within a week) after a Board meeting, as well as providing a copy of the minutes to any chapter member upon request;
  • Maintaining an archive copy of the minutes and maintaining the archives of the Bob Davids Chapter, such as minutes, publications, membership directories, and research presentations given at regional meetings, photographs, etc.; 
  • Forwarding all minutes to the chapter webmaster so they can be posted on the website; and
  • Preparing an annual report for submission to the national SABR office by the end of the current SABR year (as established by SABR).

Section 4 – Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

  • Maintaining the Chapter’s bank account, with a second Board member, either the President or the President’s designee, as a second signatory to the account;
  • Collecting and depositing all funds received by the Chapter in the Chapter’s bank account, including donations and reimbursements from the national SABR office;
  • Balancing the Chapter checkbook with bank statements monthly;
  • Paying Chapter bills and Board-approved reimbursements to Chapter members;
  • Paying expenses related to Chapter and Board meetings;
  • Submitting receipts to the SABR national office for Chapter meeting expenses;
  • Submitting an annual Chapter financial statement to the national SABR office by the end of the current SABR year (as established by SABR);
  • Collecting fees for Chapter meetings and events from attendees; and
  • Providing financial materials as needed for chapter meetings.

Section 5 – At-Large Director

At-large Directors are equal voting members of the Board and should participate equally in all Board events.  In the event of a short-term need and at the discretion of the President, At-large Directors may be designated to fill in for other Officers or Board members.


Section 1 – Chapter Website

The Board may oversee the management of a website. If the Chapter maintains a website, the  Board shall appoint a Chapter member to serve in the role of  webmaster. The term shall be for one year, and the appointment is renewable.

Section 2 – Chapter Publications and Social Media

The Board shall determine any Chapter publications to be distributed to Chapter members and determine the fees, if any, to be charged for Chapter publications. The Board shall appoint Chapter members to serve in the roles of newsletter editor, social media director, and/or other publication roles as deemed necessary. The terms shall be for one year, and the appointments are renewable.

Section 3 – Chapter Committees

The Board may appoint committees or working groups to study, consider, and/or work on specific projects or goals of the Chapter.


Section 1 – Procedure for Amending Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board members followed by ratification of a simple majority of Chapter members voting in an online vote.

There must be 30 days notice for online voting where a change to the bylaws is to be voted on. 

Section 2 – Policies and Rules

The Board of Directors may formulate and write policies or rules relating to Chapter business. In addition, Chapter members may propose Chapter policies or rules during the business portion of a Chapter meeting. These policies or rules may be passed by a simple majority of those Board members present and voting.

Any policy or rule set by the Board may be rescinded by a two-thirds vote of the Chapter members voting at a Chapter meeting or in an online vote. 

Any policies or rules so formulated must be consistent with the Bob Davids Chapter’s own bylaws and the SABR constitution and bylaws.


Section 1 – Approval Process

Appropriations of Chapter funds exceeding $100.00 shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


Section 1 – Approval Process

Following approval by two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors, these Bylaws shall be placed in front of Chapter Membership for ratification. These Bylaws shall become effective following approval by two-thirds of the Chapter members voting on ratification.